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Feedback of ICOs analyzed by NeuroChain

Before launching the ICO, NeuroChain team has analyzed around a hundred of different representative ICOs in order to identify the best practices but also the limits and leaks of the processes. The sample of ICOs was constituted according to the … Read More

ICO investors, what you must know

During the last months, the ICO process became an investment tool for non-initiated or mainstream investors. This easily accessible investment has, however, some risks and disadvantages for non-initiated. ICO is a risky investment and many precautions have to be made by … Read More

The NeuroChain ICO philosophy

This post is written to explain our vision and philosophy of the ICO. In NeuroChain ecosystem, the ICO is a tool to leverage and mobilize, first a community and second money. The mechanism of NeuroChain ICO will follow the same … Read More

Intelligent Blockchain Reinvents Business

NeuroChain is composed by a chain of Bots, which is an intelligent Blockchain where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enrich the distributed system. The main characteristic which makes NeuroChain different is its capability to share experience and intelligence between the … Read More

NeuroChain and Machine Learning

In NeuroChain, the terms Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence refer to the high level of abstraction of Bots. They are composed of different categories of algorithms. These algorithms will be used for different applications: consistency algorithm for traceability, Bayesian network … Read More

AI, the next productivity frontier

As many business leaders and government officials are debating on the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on their cost and profit structure, they actually may be already late to the party. Forward thinking companies in Financial services, High Tech and … Read More

neurochain in a few words

NeuroChain in few words